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Supreme Harmony of the Colors

Ayan Aziz Mammadova, a graduate of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts, still in her student years, successfully exposed her own work in the country and abroad. Later she continued her exhibition activities, developing all new directions in her creativity works.

Evil Eye Series

Ayan’s own artistic manner, but she is looks for and successfully find her own way in art. In the centre of her creative manner there has been set the colour. It is the colour which assigns in her works the rhythm, and deep meaning. Such is, for example, the work entitled “From Evil Eye”, where an abstract ornament in the first glance is actually a reference to the traditional colour decision of the Muslim amulet “Evil eye", which is a charm, supposed to secure from according to the evil eye.


The classical motif of the pattern of this amulet is found in many other works of the artist. The basis for some of them was not canvas and not a cardboard, but ... guitars. Their upper decks and neck heads are covered with ornament from concentric diamonds, circles and squares.

Pomegranates Series

Another favorite symbol in the work of Ayan Aziz is a pomegranate. Multifaceted and alive, it represents in her works a whole universe, moreover – many different universes. Pomegranate ornament, pomegranate-guard, pomegranate-city, pomegranate-treasury, pomegranate-galaxy...

Pictorial paintings

Many pictorials works of Ayan Aziz are in their content ornamental compositions, however, at the closer look at arabesques, saturated patterns can be found hidden still life or landscape. Such, for example, the works of “Autumn Still Life”, “Rocks”, “Galata Tower”, “Bosporus”, “Sheki motives”, “Sails” and others.


It should be noted that the landscape, including quite realistic, occupies a prominent place in the works of the artist. Some of these works were created under the influence of travel impressions – for example, the exquisite and fairly extensive “Istanbul Suite”. But there are also the works of another type – for example, the “Tales of Hoffmann”, where the means of the landscape skillfully passed the atmosphere of frightening mysticism and the loneliness of the main characters against the background of landed burgher prosperity of the remaining characters. Narrow, close street with half-timbered houses creates a generalized, but at the same time a very recognizable appearance of the ancient German town. “Sunset” flavoring in red and yellow tones escalate anxiety, and the walls of the houses are storing like predator over the head of the invisible hero – and the viewer.