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Many-sided and alive, Ayan's represents, in her performance, the whole universe, moreover, many different universes


Ayan Aziz Mammadova

Ayan Aziz, a graduate of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts, successfully exhibited her works in the country and abroad during her student years. In the future, she continued her exhibition activities, mastering all new directions in her personal work.

Ayan Aziz Mammadova, "National Plates", 2015, canvas, mixed technique, 50 x 70 cm

Ayan Aziz lives in her inner world, from where like solar protuberances that splash her imagination onto canvases... 

In her works, there is a lot of expressions and mood swings. They are generally very female in nature. This is the creative method of Ayan to turn her creativity into the mirror of one’s soul.

2015 IMG_1840.JPG

Supreme Harmony of the Colors 

This bright, interesting, original artist, it seems, was destined to come to a fine art by her very destiny...

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