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Windows to the Inside: Expressions of Mental HealthA Virtual Exhibition Curated by Grace Heaney

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is proud to present Windows to the Inside: Expressions of Mental Health, a virtual exhibition that promotes awareness of experiences around mental health.

For many, times are really difficult. Many of us are feeling the impact on our mental health, and some people are feeling the effects of mental illness for the first time. From global disasters to family strife, the toll on our psyches is heavy. The Covid-19 pandemic, political turmoil, police brutality and systemic discrimination, environmental decline and conflicts at every

turn… whether direct or indirect, these experiences have affected us all. How do we cope? How do we thrive? We invited artists to share the unique ways they respond to and cope with their own mental health journeys, and received responses from 90 artists willing to open up and share some of their experiences with the world.

In recent years we’ve seen mental health become a focal point of political and cultural discussions. Windows to the Inside broadens the dialogue around mental health with a spectrum of visual work by 90 artists who have been responding to these tumultuous times through their art. What stories need to be told? Can art be a lifeline? Through this exhibition, we invite you to view and contemplate the stories these artists are telling, and perhaps find solidarity that we are not alone in our mental health journeys.

About the Juror: Spear-headed by Grace Heaney, this exhibition is supported by the entire WMG team. Grace is an artist with a background in drawing, ceramic sculpture, and painting. She received her BFA in ceramics from Indiana University, Bloomington. She is currently working toward her Masters degree in clinical mental health counseling at Adler University. As an artist and advocate for mental health, Grace is interested in the intersections of art and mental health and is pursuing a career in art therapy.

Windows to the Inside Virtual Exhibiting Artists: Michelle Alexander, Jasmine Amir, Jaime Andersen, Mariana Arrieta Ibarra, Casaundra Beard, E Boveroux, Maryanne Braine, Nicole Bricker, Jillian Bridgeman, Leigh Brooklyn, Brianna Cappelli, Alesandra Caroline, Trenna Carriker-Vanvleck, Erynn Lynn, Renee Couture, Parmalee Paula Cover, Amanda Crary Gallas, Lisa DeAbreu, Joanne Dero, Rebecca Ebben, Sally Edelstein, Sage Eubanks, Cory Favre, Coriander Focus, Gabrielle, Emily Gil, Victoria Goite, Lindsey Morrison Grant, Christine Greer, Katie Gresham, Harper Hazelmare, Stephanie Heit, Pamela Hobbs, Ruth Hong, Shelby Hubbard, Lynell Ingram, Meg Johnson, Jamila Johnson, Terri Jordan, Judith Joseph, Jennifer Kempf, Alexandria Knapik, Judi Krew, Okja Kwon, Que Law, Frank Locke, Mônica Lóss, Marie Magnetic, Mariah Majakey, Rose Malenfant, Joan Malina, April Malphurs, Ayan Aziz Mammadova, Anda Marcu, Sami Mark, Crystal Marshall, Juliet Martin, Debbie McCarthy, Mildred Annani Mercado, Ashley Meyers, Sarah Mueller, Nelson, Kristen Neveu, Kelsey Faith Nichols, Amy Nolan, Lisa Nowlain, Sammi Ohlson, Christine OMalley, Jannette Parent, Kailyn Perry, Kathleen H. Peters, Malik John-Marc Purvis, Karla Ramirez-Santin, Pia Pilar Reynaldo, Martryce Roach, Elizabeth Shen, Ruth G. Sikes, Spencer Sinclair, Izzy Sneed, Anne Spooner, Lisa Stavinoha, Ashlee Rene Thompson, Jennifer Traina-Dorge, Sean Tyler, Gretchen Vogt, Julia Waltz-Stalker, Ginna Wilkerson, Gail M. Willert, Lauren Williamson, Margaret Wolensky.

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