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Ayan Aziz works on ARTMine by Agora Gallery, NY

ARTmine is a great resource for art buyers, including private and corporate collectors, interior designers, and art consultants. It is a prominent platform for online art sales and its vision and constantly expanding artist base go hand in hand with the globally present boost of the online art market.

My paintings pulsate with the flaming, magnificent energy of the sun. Like solar prominences extending from the core of our life-sustaining star, vibrant rings of color and figures extend from my imagination onto the canvas. In my work, I show a host of expressions, emotions, and moods that capture feminine warmth, sensitivity, and emotional complexity. I use colors and dynamic, circular brushstrokes to impart rhythm and deep meaning to the paintings. This results in abstract forms and saturated patterns that are woven into my still lifes and landscapes. My art is a reflection of my inner world, a mirror to my soul.


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