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Benetton: Imago Mundi Collection – Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: The colors Of Wind and Fire

Multiculturalism, coexistence, overlapping influences, mediation, contrasts and integration are all elements running through this creative account of the new art of Azerbaijan. A story that spans East and West, Islam and Christianity, ecology - environmental and moral - and the race to success, colours of the memory and materials in everyday use. The works of over 200 artists collected in this volume are a reflection of the great political and cultural change in this country at the very tip of Asia, of its intense and dynamic dialogue between the past, tradition, modernity and the future.

Ayan Aziz studied theatre decor and design at the Azerbaijan State University of Arts and Culture from 2004 to 2008. After his graduation, he spent two years studying for a master’s degree at the department of theatre decoration of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts, where he now works as an instructor. Since 2011 he has been a representative of the Azerbaijan branch of the World Academy of Art.


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