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"Seven colours of the colour spectrum, usually they blend harmoniously with one another, the most famous example would be the creation green from yellow and blue, however, what would happen to them if they all quarrelled? I think there would be a terrible explosion. The so-called explosion of colours - when multi-coloured splashes fly up, filling the space with brightness and fascinating beauty that at same time expresses the versatility, and the diversity of the world around us, opening up the possibility of freedom of choice for everyone.

Ever since I was little, I remember spending a lot of time in my father’s workshop, watching him passionately work on his paintings and dreaming that one day I will find my own passion. These are my earliest childhood memories, which in fact inspired and shaped me into the creative individual I am today.

Being surrounded by vibrant and talented artists from a young age had a great influence on my artistic formation. However, as I grew and became older my artistic style changed, I acquired a host of expressions, emotions, and moods that capture feminine warmth, sensitivity, and emotional complexity. My art is a reflection of my inner world, a mirror to my soul. I use the colours of my works to assign rhythm and deep meaning in an abstract ornament, as well as saturated patterns that can be found hidden in still life or landscape. The language of art is an unparalleled force of my expression, the freedom of visual expression where even the most paradoxical ideas can touch and be united is the underlying concept that I live by..." (Ayan Aziz Mammadova)

LIFE AS A POEM is an exhibition of artworks by an international group of artists who live and work in different parts of the world. The search for life’s meaning has produced much philosophical, scientific, theological, and metaphysical speculation throughout history. Different people and cultures believe different things for the answer to this question. A poem is a piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas. This showcase of artists’ thoughts on the theme ‘Life as a poem’.

The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Anne Gart, Arum Wilis Kartika Ayuningtari, Ayan Aziz Mammadova, Aylal Heydarova, Cameron Lings, Cesar Mammadov, Chrysanthe Maggidis, Ciro Di Fiore (Daniel), Ellen Holleman, Emma Healy, Fernando Emanuel Correia, Francesco Nichele, Janet Stafford, Rina Taytu, Sergey Dobrynov, Ze Ve, Zeinab Mahan


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