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Artist's page on Galeria Azur, Berlin

"I live in my own inner world, from where solar prominences splash imagination onto canvases and I am not bound by any conventional forms of artistry. In my works, I showcase a host of expressions, emotions and mood swings that are captivated by a feminine nature, and a rhythmic undertone. My creativity lies in the mirror of one’s soul. I use the colours of my works to assign rhythm and deep meaning in an abstract ornament, as well as saturated patterns that can be found hidden in still life or landscape. The language of art is an unparalleled force of my expression, the freedom of visual expression where even the most paradoxical ideas can touch and be united is the underlying concept that I create art by."

With more than 12 years of experience in the modern-and-contemporary global art market, GALERIA AZUR seeks to promote both emerging and established artists, within the framework of historical art narratives.

Through solo and group exhibitions, the gallery offers a dynamic space for its public and artists, based on the gallery’s goal of inspiring artistic progression and cultural interaction.


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